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QA Engineer

Do you have an eye for detail and the knack for finding and solving problems? Great! We are looking for a QA Engineer who can help us chase the details in the software development process.

As a QA Engineer you will be part of our Development Teams and join them in their Sprints. You will be testing all aspects of our product, but the main focus lies on the iOS and Android apps. You are keen on automating as much test cases as you can. Besides that you will be responsible for bringing structural improvements to the Quality Assurance process in collaboration with our CTO.


Take a look at your day:

You join the standup of both the iOS and Android teams to hear about their progress, challenges and testing needs. Right after the standup the Android developer comes to you to ask a question about the bug report that you filed yesterday. You show him how to reproduce the issue such that he can fix the bug.

You will then download the freshly made builds that are prepared by the iOS and Android developers and will both run the automated tests that you created earlier, and you will also run through the manual tests that you haven’t automated yet. You will use Charles Proxy to mock some API responses to make sure all test cases are covered. Luckily you did not discover any regressions this time!

In the afternoon you will meet with one of our UX designers to discuss a new feature and ask her about all the edge cases. This is input for the test cases that you want to spec out later this week. After that meeting you have some time to work undisturbed on writing automation tests. You finally get to automate that very time consuming test on iOS that was quite frustrating to perform, yay! You end your day with preparing the meeting that you have with the CTO tomorrow where you are going to present your ideas on how QA and test automation can be improved at Highstreet Mobile. You came across an interesting blogpost about how to improve integration testing, and you are thinking if our team could benefit from the lessons mentioned in the article.

Your responsibilities:

  • Maintain test plans: design new ones and keep existing plans up to date;
  • Test new and existing features / app updates to ensure they are built according to plan;
  • Write bug reports including steps to reproduce and possibly images, video, and recorded network traffic;
  • Reviewing specifications and requirements of Product Backlog items;
  • Come up with plans on how to build and maintain test automation;
  • Identify opportunities to improve the QA Process and seize these opportunities.

About you:

We are looking for someone who has 3 years relevant working experience in the field of software testing and/or engineering. You have good analytical skills: eliminating possible causes of a bug and finding the simplest case that triggers it. Prove that you ensured high-quality features, releases and roll-outs in the pas. On top of that we are looking for the following skills:

  • Hands-on experience with writing and maintaining test scripts for mobile or web;
  • Good knowledge of QA methodologies, test methods and processes;
  • Knowledge of both manual testing and automation testing;
  • Understanding at least one modern programming language (Javascript, Swift, Java, Ruby or a similar language);
  • Great communication skills, both spoken and written English;
  • You must be legally allowed to work in the Netherlands.


  • From our stylish office, a minute from the tracks at Utrecht Centraal Station, to our flexible holidays and monthly team drinks, we do everything to make sure you can work comfortably and balanced at Highstreet.
  • Daily a subsidised fresh and healthy lunch (salads, rolls, hot snacks) with the team
  • Well equipped office with standing desks; unlimited tea, lattes, snacks, sparkling water and the likes
  • Friday afternoon drinks
  • Quarterly team activity
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible holidays
  • Parental leave (2 weeks paid leave for partners)
  • Pension plan

Does this sound like a perfect match?

We are proud of our wonderful product and believe it has lots of potential. We are growing fast and have fun while building our platform and company. If this sounds good to you, please be in touch!

Check our website for more details about what we do and to experience one of our apps, please download the Scotch & Soda app for iOS or Android.